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Bowdon Gymnastics offers competitive gymnastics and cheerleading for girls from ages 5 through 18. Our facility caters to multiple teams and levels. It is our intention to place each athlete at a level where she is challenged, but where she also has the opportunity to be successful. 

Competitive cheerleading and gymnastics are year-round activities, and our team members commit 100% to their sport, spending anywhere from 4-15 hours a week in the gym. 

Summer is a great time to get involved with our competitive teams! Contact us for more information about what it takes to be a member of one of our elite teams! 


Competitive Gymnastics

Bowdon gymnastics has offered competitive teams for over 30 years. From a young age, our gymnasts develop laser focus and precision. Our coaches push these athletes to perfection in all 4 Olympic events based on age and skill level. Bowdon Gymstars compete in USA and AAU events, and we offer pre-team experience for younger gymnasts. Gymnasts compete regionally for the chance to represent the state and the entire southeast!  


Competitive Cheerleading

Bowdon Gymnastics added competitive cheerleading team in 2018. This sport combines endurance and skill, all while building self confidence and positive relationships. Bowdon CheerStars complete locally and regionally against teams from all over the U.S. We focus on tumbling, stunting, jumps, flexibility and dance to build a well-rounded team!  

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