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Bowdon, GA 30108



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    Bowdon Gymnastics Parent Club (BGPC) is a non-profit orgganization made up of our team parents of the competitive gymnastics team. The main purpose of the parent club is to assist the team members and coaches by raising money for meet expenses and meet fees. Another important role of BGPC is to provide support to both gymnast and their parents. Being a competitive gymnast is hard work; unlike other recreational sports, being a competitive gymnast is a year round sport. Also, being a competitve gymnast's parent is hard work. We are here to celebrate with one another through the joys of the first place awards as well as to comfort another in the tough times of defeat, injuries, etc. Gymnasts and their parents share a special dedication to this sport, and it is good to know we are here to support and encourage each other.


    BGPC meets every first Monday of the month unless otherwise stated.


    BGPC Officers


    President - LaTeisha Drummond


    Vice President - Jessica Tolbert


    Treasurer - Candis Bramble


    Secretary - Amy Brown